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amazonSo far I’ve only read about 100 or so pages of this popular  book. I noticed that it has received an amazing number of reviews on amazon. Over 1300. One of the negative reviews noted that it had received over 200 negative reviews.

For the first time I felt compelled to comment on a review. Been meaning to do it for awhile. I wrote “…and 703 5-star reviews.”

My point is not that I like the book (so far, I do), but a high number of negative reviews or negative opinions on anything, can actually be a good thing. Especially if it also receives many more positive reactions. It means that it takes a stand, has a point of view. Evokes a strong reaction. That means you hit a nerve. Polarization  separates your audience- in this case, real fans from those who will never be fans.

Polarization works in marketing. When marketing receives a strong negative reaction, it could be a good thing, as long as it also receives a percentage of strong positive reactions. It means it gets noticed and sparks a reaction. In this day of cluttered messages, a message that gets through  can be a very good thing.

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