It’s interesting how marketing principles are so crucial to presidential campaigns.  Just take a look at what has happened with the Democrat primaries.

After the Iowa caucus Obama seized the “change agent” position. It fit him, he articulated well, and he was the first to seize it. In the debate right after, all candidates, including Hillary Clinton, tried to claim they were the real change agent. Too late. Maybe their campaign gurus never read the classic book on positioning: “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind.” If they did they would’ve realized the first one to really seize a market position– owns it.  Once that happens it’s almost impossible to dislodge the business (person) from that market positioning.

 What you need to do is find another way, another angle to capture that same market.  Now it seems that Clinton has finally found her best positioning. “I am a fighter. And you can be sure I’ll fight for you (meaning change).”  It is her way to capture the market looking for change. But as poll numbers indicate, it may well be too late.

The lesson is be very careful of the positioning you adopt for your business. If you are going after the wrong positioning it won’t work no matter how hard you try. You may need to change the message in order to capture your share of the market.

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