The Food Network had done a stellar job of creating star brands within its lineup. In some cases, such as Rachael Ray, the star brand outshines the Network. In this article, you’ll see how 2 stars in the network appropriate essentially the same positioning, yet clearly and powerfully differentiate themselves. 

 A Branding Lesson from Rachael Ray and Sandra Lee
by Leon Altman

The Food Network is built on smart branding – for the Network as a whole, as well as for its individual celebrity chefs/hosts.

Two of its biggest brands are Rachael Ray and Sandra Lee.
These two, in particular, provide an interesting branding lesson: you can occupy the same positioning within a niche, yet still have a brand that sets you apart.

The positioning these two stars occupy is one of authority in home-making convenience: quick and easy, quality meal preparation for busy women (mostly). Yet each has been able to carve out a separate and distinct brand within that same space.

Rachel Ray’s empire is build on the foundation of her very emphatic tagline – “30 minute meals.” The name says it all. Sandra Lee’s tagline is “semi-homemade meals” – preparing meals with the aid of pre-packaged ingredients. It is essentially the same positioning, but without the exact time period that Ray uses. The implication is the same: you’ll be able to prepare quality meals at home faster.

While both have been able to establish a sense of authority within the convenience field, interestingly, their authority does not come from industry credentials. The sense of authority they have been able to build comes from their unique personalities and presentation, as well as their individual stories….

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