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Project X hype

There’s been a lot of hype about project X…
And I’m going to add to it. Normally I prefer to deflate hype,
but there is something different at work here. I sniffed something was up from the sales letter.

This isn’t a good sales letter. It’s a great salesletter. It was about his experience with Clickbank, what the so-called gurus led him believe, and what he discovered. Seems like standard stuff, but the execution was stellar. The quality of the sales letter piqued my interest. Later on, I think it became one of reservations I have about it.

I’ve made some money with Clickbank. But nothing to get excited about.  I considered it a little side venture. But there was something about the ease of clickbank ….

In any case, he convinced me to buy the book.
So when first I got it my face fell. I saw it was 50 pages, and thought, oh jeez, that’s all! Then I read the first few pages, and I was even more disappointed. Oh man, just a rehash of things I knew.

And then everything changed.

The next 40 something pages were packed with original, ingenious tips. It went well beyond all the Clickbank tips and advice I’ve picked up over the last few years.

I took notes feverishly.

Some of the method he described, the leech, the workhorse, I had used -  sort of. But the clever new angles he set up took it to a whole other level. And the initial results I’ve had so far with his methods definitely ratcheted up my Clickbank earnings.

You can read more and get Project X here.   But I recommend you get Project X  here, where there is an offer for a free bonus video. I’ve looked at the video and it is very helpful.

In sum, I thought Project X was so well-done and unique, I did something I haven’t done in awhile for one author -  I went and immediately bought another one of his ebooks, his previous one on Google Adwords. You can read about it on my next post.