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Obama dancing

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Like many people I used to back up my files on flash dirves. It was never a good solution. You’d have to back up files manually – and of course sometimes you’d forget to do it.  And  if you took the flash drive anywhere there was always the fear of losing it

Now online storage services like Synchronity and Dropbox are making backup a lot  easier and providing a sense of security. They back up the files automatically and you have access to the files online. The one I settled on is Synchronity. It’s free up to 2 Gigs. Then only $9.99 for a month for up to 50 gigs. What a relief.

Obama aides said they would post YouTube videos of economic experts to communicate and rally support for the administration’s economic proposals. Obama advisers had found during the campaign that using experts, even those not widely known, instead of the usual political pundits in videos was far more effective in gaining support.

Not surprising that industry experts are more effective. I don’t know why talk shows keep interviewing political operatives. You know exactly what they are going to say.

Source: New York Times