It was only a matter of time before technology made behavioral targeting bigger and badder. This is evident in the number of companies at Ad Tech offering behavioral targeting service. The analytics you can now access about a person’s browsing behavior are quite astounding. Yes, you can construct a browser’s navigation path using Google Analytics – but it would be pretty laborious and the depth of info you get wouldn’t be as powerful as the paid services I’ve seen here – for example, Webtrends.

Behavioral targeting is fine as long as it is confined to the the website that the browser opted in from. Following the browser beyond the site he opted in from, and using that info should be a no-no.

There is no doubt that formulating and delivering  ad messages according to browsing behavior is a massively effective advertising weapon. The key to making behavioral targeting work, of course, is getting people to opt-in. Once you have that, you have access to a mountain of useful data.

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