One company at Ad-tech NY that I believe can be very useful to entrepreneurs and small businesses is Blogvertise. Their service enables you to leverage the power of blogs for your search marketing efforts.

Blogvertise has a network of blogs. Depending on the package you buy, you can either pick or let them pick the blogs you want to appear on. The blogger is notified about your blog/content and the anchor text links you want. They write about you in a post (or post a link on the nav bar of their home page) using your anchor text link. If you don’t like what they write you can delete it.

It’s a simple way to generate buzz. In addition, the ability to place your anchor text links in their blog network helps raise your search marketing profile for the keywords you want. And it’s quite affordable.  Prices depend on the quality of the blogs that are chosen,  and range as low as $4.00. Check it out at

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