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Gordon Gekko’s cry, “Greed is good,” seems to have become a shopworn motto.  But in fact some measure of greed is always driving Wall Street. And if you dig deeper you come up to the root cause of that impulse, says writer Tony Schwartz. “Greed begins in the neurochemistry of the brain. What fuels our greed is a neurotransmitter called dopamine. The higher the dopamine levels in the brain, the more pleasure we experience. Cocaine, for example, directly increases dopamine levels.” Read his article at

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A financial copywriter who knows the ins and outs of the web can bring in a steady supply of new clients. The secret is to create keyword targeted articles and posts and commentary that contain the keywords that attract searchers to your website.

You also need an SEO (search engine optimized) plan, where content is placed on the right websites, blogs, and forums. But put together SEO content and the right strategy and financial advisors and planners will be able to be very selective of which prospects they allow to be clients. For more information, check out financial copywriter.

While social media has helped many professionals attract  clients, it can be tricky for financial advisors. This is especially true for those in large firms. Not only do you have compliance issues, but generally you don’t have direct  access to your website.

But the fact is, driving people from a  social media network to a website is the way to attract new clients and customers. You won’t attract them  in significant numbers by  just interacting on a social media site.

Using social media to attract clients works best for independent FAs, especially those  who have some degree of access to their websites, and those marketing financial products.

The social media site that works best for financial marketing is Linkedin. From a compliance standpoint, there are more controls, stricter privacy regulations and, frankly, a wealthier audience on Linkedin.

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How to Cross the Bridge from Linkedin to Web Profits: