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While 27 year old media planners and 32 year old brand managers continue to target young demographics (just as they have done for generations) – the real profits these days are in the older audience – the over 50 boomer crowd

As an SVP for research at Hallmark Cards said, the boomers offer advertisers “An audience that has assets, not allowances.”

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Meg Awtrey is the daughter of the late Internet pioneer Ken Giddens. So you might say she is Internet royalty, having learned many of the lessons of her father. Here, in this interview with Ken McCarthy for The System Seminar, she talks about 11 different ways to monetize your website – methods she learned from her father and has applied to her own web business.

Note: she did a similar interview the year before, but I specifically chose this one for a reason. Previously she was working in the pre-Google Slap days of putting up lots of Adsense sites. That of course, is hardly practical anymore. Here she acknowledges the wisdom of “authority-type” sites, and the less sites is more philosophy. But the multiple ways of monetizing a websites still apply….

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The problem has been that video files are too big. And if you want people on the web to see your video they’d have to have Windows Media or Quicktime. Now you can get your video on the web in minutes,and have your files converted to Flash in minutes. It’s an easy and quick way to publish your videos on the web. Take a look at
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One of the best ways to make more money online is to raise your prices. Whether it’s for products or services. But how do you do that?

The key is increasing the perceived value of the products and services.
This is not a matter of making empty promises, but real things you can do without a huge effort to actually increase both the real and perceived value – you need to do both. The Thud Report details 20 different ways to do that.

While you may know some of these, I’m pretty sure you’ll find some new added value techniques that you could use today.
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