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While 27 year old media planners and 32 year old brand managers continue to target young demographics (just as they have done for generations) – the real profits these days are in the older audience – the over 50 boomer crowd

As an SVP for research at Hallmark Cards said, the boomers offer advertisers “An audience that has assets, not allowances.”

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Finding your niche(s)  is key to successful online advertising.
People generally go about selecting their niche in one of 4 ways – or in some combination :

1) Choose a subject they are interested in – or better yet, passionate about
2) Choose a niche based on their work/career
3) Do keyword and search engine research to find high demand, low competition subjects 4) Check to see niches with good affiliate programs

All 4 are valid.  3 and 4 are good for internet marketers who may want to try a number of niches and see which ones are most profitable. The process involves building niche websites and monetizing them.

Generally I advise people to select a niche using some combination of 1 and 2. If you have a strong interest in a subject you are far more likely to delve deeper into it, you’ll find more interesting things to talk about, and you’ll keep at it longer.

And if your niche is  somehow related to the work you do, you have a headstart in building an “authority brand.” Having an authority brand is like the engine that will propel you along  roadmap to Internet success. It enables you to earn credibility and trust and a loyal following.

Passion is like the sparkplug. If you have passion for a subject, all your content building and marketing runs smoother and better. Sometimes when you delve into a subject, the passion may find you.  And when it finds you, you know it.

Here are the words of a woman, 37 at the time, who during a cooking course,  realized that a passion for the subject had been ignited in her. It was a spark that carried her to fame, fortune and total immersion in the subject for over 50 years:

“I had always been content to live a butterfly life of fun, with hardly a care in the world. But at the Cordon Bleu, and in the markets and restaurants of Paris, I suddenly discovered that cooking was a rich and layered and endlessley fascinating subject. The best way to describe it is to say that I fell in love with French food…

I had never taken anything so seriosuly in my life – husband and cat excepted….What fun! What a revelation! How magnificent to find my life’s calling, at last!”

                           – Julia Child, My Life in France

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