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Some tips and tricks for kickbutt postcard marketing

Whether you have a big ad budget or a small one, shoestring marketing is in. For good reason. Sales are down and forecasts for the coming year are shakey. 

Smart marketing that can produce strong ROI is the way to not only survive, but prosper in these times. The ones who market wisely during a recession emerge as big winners.

So how can you practically assure strong ROI on a shoestring budget?

Postcard marketing

When you do it right, the return on your investment in postcard marketing can be astronomical. But many do a half-hearted attempt or rely on old-hat postcard marketing and fail to achieve strong returns. Here are some tips for gangbuster post card marketing.

1) Have a big idea in the front of the postcard
That usually means one strong image with a compelling headline. Remember, people will glance at a postcard for a second. If it’s nondescript or doesn’t grab their attention, it’s gone.

2) Keep the front part of the postcard evergreen
By that I mean don’t put information that changes in the front. This way you can do large printings and save money.

3) Put variable information on the back of the postcard
Here’s one trick I’ve used very successfully. I have rubber stamps with urls of my different websites. This way I can just print a whole bunch of postcards and quickly stamp the url on the back for the appropriate target audience.

4) Have multiple ways to contact you
Email, telephone, url. People like to contact you in different ways. Also, if you’re not in a service business, you can state that they’ll hear a voicemail recording with important information when they call. Many people don’t call because they want to avoid getting  a salesperson.

5) Get quality postcards at the lowest price you can …
My mouth dropped when I saw the quality and price of the postcards at Vistaprint.

50% Off All Postcards

It solved one of the biggest problems in postcard marketing. You see, I like to first test in small quantities. The prices for even the smallest postcard printing at Vistaprint are  incredibly low. The lowest I’ve seen. But the quality of their postcard printing is exceptional.

They also make it tremendously easy to design your own postcard, if you are so inclined, with a wide variety of very effective postcard templates. It’s easy  to move around images or  add or delete text.

And they have everything else you might need for your campaigns. Including  rubber stamps, design services, mailing services and lists. 

If you want to not only survive but thrive in these times, I strongly advise you take advantage of Vistaprint’s postcard marketing. Right now you can get 50% off their already low prices. So try it now . Let me know how it goes. Maybe I’ll publicize your campaign as a case study on my websites.

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 postcard marketing



It’s ironic that one of the most effective ways today to market products and services online is through offline marketing. This can be especially effective when used in an offline to online to offline strategy.

What I mean by that is that your mailer or ad includes your url and your telephone number. The url gives the reader the opportunity to learn more about your product or service before you talk to them. Some may call you. For those who do not, you can follow up with a phone call. People are much more receptive to these kinds of follow up calls rather than cold calls.

It was right on his desk
In a recent campaign I did, I followed up with one prospect and asked him if he had seen my mailer. He answered, “I did, in fact, it’s right here on my desk.” He had also visited my website. Needless to say this made for a pretty easy conversion, and turned out to be a great client.

Postcards reach an audience where email might be filtered out or just overlooked. If the postcard is good, it attracts attention. Make sure to have your url and telephone number on the card. But there is an even easier way to use offline marketing. The humble flyer.

Flyer Power
Instead of printing thousands of postcards, and realizing afterwards that something was wrong, or another headline or photo would’ve worked better, flyers enable you to test creative in whatever small numbers you want.

Now, instead of printing all 500 or 1,000 postcards, you could test a small sample of your list. Let’s say you want to test 100. You could send one headline to 50 people (group A) and the other headline to the other 50 (group B). Or, use one image for group A and another image for goup B.

You would then need to set up a different landing page for each group. So the flyer for Group A is directed to url A, and group B is directed to url B. Then you can track which creative work draws the most people. As in the postcards, make sure your telephone number is also on the flyers.

Cheap but highly effective
And since most desktop printers are fine for flyers, the cost for a test campaign would be minimal. You could send out 100 flyers for under $50. For that amount you could get an idea of what creative works best for your postcard rollout.

But flyers can be so effective that sometimes you won’t have to do a rollout. Not too long ago I did a very small test campaign, sending flyers to just 25 prospects.

About 15 % called me, and proved to be highly motivated propects. I followed up and reached about another 50%. A fair number of those had seen the mailing and had gone to the website. In 4 months time, the campaign yielded an additional $70,000+ in fees, for just one service.

When you’re marketing a service, generally a phone call is what closes the deal. By leading off with a good mailer leading prospects to a well-done landing page, your follow up calls become so much easier and much more effective.

Are you doing offline to online to offline marketing?
If it suits your business you may want to give it a try. Start off by creating some flyers. Take the ones that stand out and print them out. Do bunch and see which one merits taking to the next step. If you want assistance in creating an offline to online to offline marketing check out my coaching programs.

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