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A little while back I was doing a video about Life Settlements for a client. I was talking to an advisor who was going to be on the video, and asked him what he thought about life settlements. He said it was one of the biggest win/win propositions – for clients and advisors- that he’d seen in a long time.

After all, instead of letting their policies lapse or surrendering it to the insurance company for a fraction of  the value, seniors can get up to 4 or even 5 times the cash surrender value with a life settlement.

What advisors need to realize in marketing life settlements is that few people are searching online for “life settlements.” And “life insurance” is very broad. Advisors need  to do some lateral thinking. Think of all the issues or problems seniors or boomers might be thinking about for which life settlements provides a great solution.

Here’s where SEO has its limitations. There really are only so many keywords you can optimize a landing page for. Pay per click, in particular, Google’s  content network enables you to cast a much wider net. With smart content targeting, you can catch people as they are browsing websites that might relate to life settlements. A good pay per click ad in the right place on those sites will bring in a far more propects than SEO.

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