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Strange experience reading Guy Kawasaki’s Google Plus book. Thought it would be apropo to buy it on Google Play and see what happened. Well looks good on my smartphone and pretty easy to read. Google Play  also loads it up  on Chrome on your hard drive. But when I went to read it on Google Chrome, the typeface looked like Ye Old English broken typography that might be suitable for a version of Beowulf.

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks on Google Chrome. You’d think they can make the type more readable. Typeface aside, the content, as you’d imagine, is very good.

Mozilla Labs Messaging Group (Firefox) has released a   new firefox extension that makes it simpler to share content from around the web on Facebook and Twitter. Users can now post content to Facebook or Twitter, or email content via Gmail, without opening new windows or using third-party tools.

I want to thank Seth Strader, CEO of Custody HQ, a firm that provides legal services for custody cases for this audio testimonial about my marketing services. It’s great working with you.

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If you haven’t been improving the quality score of the landing pages in your Adwords campaigns, this should get you started on that immediately.

The price advertisers pay is determined by the formula P = (B2 X Q2)/Q1, with P = price paid by the advertiser, Q2 = Quality score of the next highest-placing ad, Q1 = Advertiser’s quality score, and B2 = the next-highest-placing ad’s bid.

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