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I’m really liking the short attention-getting headlines at the top of the Huffington Post. Whether or not you agree with their politics, the short quick headlines pull you in – and the long, clickable subheads tell you the details. Good 1-2 punch to attract lots of clicks.

For instance: when the stock market rallied a couple of days ago after a weeklong nose dive – The HP headline read: It’s Alive!

Right under that was the stock chart for the day. Good grabber.

On a headline about BofA chief and other bank execs refusing to talk to NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, HP ran a big this one-word headline:
Omerta    – the Mafia code of silence.

Good stuff.

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Study contrasting SEO and Pay per click results included ecommerce sites with a mix of B2B and B2C

Some of the metrics evaluated
• Average order value
• Bounce rate
• Conversion rate
• Value per visitor (sales divided by visit)
• Average time spent on site
• Average number of page views per visit
• Average length of time spent on each page viewed

Average Order Value from paid traffic was $138.04, while AOV for SEO was $117.09.

A visitor from a paid traffic source was worth 41% more than a visitor from an organic listing.

Additionally, paid traffic converted at a 20% higher rate
Study showed that paid traffic returned a more valuable visitor than that from organic listings.

Obviously, needs of individual sites vary, and a variety of factors need to be brought to bear for budget allocation decisions.

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