While Groupon has been getting crucified  for its Super Bowl commercial (justifiably), its heart is in the right place, as a good deal  of the proceeds go to the cause it support.

The problem was the execution of the commercial. Both the copy and the direction.  After a serious intro about the problem in Tibet, suddenly Timothy Hutton brightens up (bad direction), and says, “But they can still whip  a mean curry,” or something like that. “Whip up a mean curry!” The tone of those words just defeats and trivialized what they had just set up.

A smoother, more in tune  transition  was called for. Something about how the culture and tradition of  Tibet is seen in wonderful Tibetan restaurants like this one….then something about Groupon making it easy and affordable  to enjoy and support these restaurants.

Their intention was commendable. But the execution pretty much negated it and sullied their reputation.

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