Twitter and Facebook have been getting most of the press. And they are certainly  worthwhile … but many people find that the social media site that brings them the most productive traffic is …. Linkedin.

Now mind you I’m not talking about job-seeking, even though that is one of its primary objectives.

In fact, studies show that small-business owners are more likely to use LinkedIn than employees working for a corporation. And tests show that links from Linkedin yield better results than links from other social media. In a recent contest involving 2,350 business related links from 12 marketing and social media sites, 55% came from Linkedin, 13% came from Facebook, while Twitter referred 11%.

So how do you make money using Linkedin? In fact, it is tricky. Out and out selling will get you either banned or ignored. There is a more sophisticated way to monetize Linkedin (and it doesn’t depend on your network. It can be done even if you have a small number of network contacts).

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