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The Two Essential Steps to Getting All the
Quality Leads You Want Throughout the Year

1) It starts with having compelling lead magnets

You have to have an enticing offer to get people to give their email these days. The can be free

or low cost. But it must make the promise of helping people solve a vexing problem or show them the way obtain to new opportunities.

Your lead magnet can take many forms: Reports, white papers, eBooks, videos, webinars, free trials, etc.

The title and subtitle of the lead magnet is crucial. No matter how good the lead magnet actually is, if the title is boring or sounds like many others, it won't be compelling enough.

The lead magnet must be very good (whether it's free or paid). Once the prospect reads your report or watches your video they need to feel that you delivered high value. That is key to getting them to spend money on your premium products.

We can create quality lead magnets for you. Talk to us about what lead magnet might work best for you and we'll send you an estimate.

2) Landing page Lab

The landing page is ground zero of your online business. If it gets people to take the next step, e.g. sign up for your lead magnet, or get your newsletter or buy a product, then your chances of

success soar. If your landing page doesn't succeed then your business has no chance.

The fact is not all landing pages work. It's a tricky thing. That's why we set up a landing page lab for our clients. We create a quality landing page for you, then test it against alternatives. Highly successful companies test their landing pages on an ongoing basis.. New headlines, new lead magnets, new copy, etc.

The sooner you discover the landing pages that work the better.

Talk to us about setting up landing page lab for your business. We'll find the pages that work best so your business can take off quicker. Here's how it works.

We present ideas/concepts with headlines. Together we choose the right one to test. Fee: to come up with concepts, write and design a landing page generally runs between $795-$1400, depending on length(purchase of any stock photos is additional).

The first test will include setting up an alternative landing page with a different headline and subhead. There is no charge for this alternative page.

Landing pages with a video. We create landing pages with videos using images, titles, voiceover and music. If you want to do a face to camera video, we can help yo with the script.

  • Fee for the video runs between $400- $1,000, depending on length.
  • Set up and monitoring of ongoing tests: $295/month.

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